stephanie warnken

Stephanie Warnken

PhD Student
Address: Innovation Hall
45085 University Drive
Suite 305
Ashburn, Virginia
United States
Phone: 571-553-0147
[email protected]

I am broadly interested in using mathematical and computational tools to gain a better understanding of biology and medicine. My background includes analysis of next generation sequencing data in breast cancer cells, study of membrane tension of fission yeast using fluorescent confocal microscopy, and analysis of climate change impact to the biominerals of barnacles. As a member of the Computational Biology Institute, I am currently examining the role of the airway microbiome in the development of asthma, and its relation to asthma severity, in collaboration with other members of CBI and Children’s National. 


PhD Institute for Biomedical Sciences, George Washington University (2016–present)
BA Physics with Honors (cum laude), minor in Biology, Colgate University (2016)