Integrated Fertilization with Bagasse Vermicompost Changes the Microbiome of Mencía Must and Wine

July 27, 2022 - 11:33 AM

LDA score and relative frequency (inlet) of differentially abundant enriched pathways in the control and treatment groups of the Mencía must (A) and wine (B). Bios: biosynthesis; DUA: degradation/utilization/assimilation; GPME: generation of precursor metabolites and energy; MM: macromolecule modification.

Grape marc, or bagasse, is a byproduct of wine production that can be vermicomposted and used as organic fertilizer. Addition to a vineyard's terroir can improve grape yields and wine quality. Mencía is a high-quality red wine broadly grown in Galicia, Spain, appreciated for its fresh acidity and fruity flavors. Our study proposes changes in the abundance of microbial taxa and metabolic processes they undergo during winemaking may improve Mencia's organoleptic properties and productivity.