Chris Owen

Christopher Owen

Post-Doctoral Scientist
Address: Innovation Hall
Phone: 571-553-0149
[email protected]

Currently, I am working on the Assembling and Visualizing the Tree of Life (AVAToL) grant, where I am collecting phylogenies to generate a comprehensive phylogeny of all animals.


PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics, University of Connecticut
MS, Marine Biology and Marine Environmental Science, Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center
BS, Environmental Science, Muhlenberg College


Ruiz-Arce, R., N.B. Barr, C.L. Owen, D.B. Thomas, B.A. McPheron. 2012. Phylogeography of West Indian fruit fly, Anastrepha obliqua, inferred with mtDNA sequencing. Journal of Economic Entomology 105: 2147-2160.

Moulds, M.S., C.L. Owen. Pauropsalta walkeri, a new species of cicada (Homoptera:Cicadidae: Cicadinae) from northern Australia. Australian Entomologist 38: 145-154.

Owen, C.L., C.G. Messing, G.W. Rouse, M.S. Shivji. 2009. Using a combined approach to explain the morphological and ecological diversity in Phanogenia gracilis Hartlaub, 1893 (Echinodermata: Crinoidea) sensu lato: two species or intraspecific variation? Marine Biology 156: 1517-152.