allison kolbe

Dr. Allison Kolbe

Postdoctoral Researcher
Suite 7000
Address: 800 22nd St NW
Suite 7000
Washington, District Of Columbia
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Genomics, RNA-seq, biochemistry, plant physiology


I am interested in the role of the microbiome on human health and the environment.  Currently, I am characterizing the microbiome associated with human disease states using metagenomics and metatranscriptomics.


PhD, Plant Biology, Washington State University (2018)

BA, Botany and Spanish, Ohio Wesleyan University (2013)


Kolbe, A., Brutnell, T., Cousins, A., Studer, A (2018).  Carbonic anhydrase mutants in Zea mays have altered stomatal responses to environmental signals.  Plant Physiology 177(3), 980-989.  doi: 10.1104/pp.18.00176

Kolbe, A. and Cousins, A. (2018).  Mesophyll conductance in Zea mays responds transiently to CO2 availability: implications for transpiration efficiency in C4 crops.  New Phytologist 217, 1463-1474.

Kolbe, A., Studer, A., Cousins, A. (2018).  Biochemical and transcriptomic analysis of maize diversity to elucidate drivers of leaf carbon isotope composition. Functional Plant Biology 45(5), 489-500.

Studer, A., Schnable, J., Weissmann, S., Kolbe, A., McKain, M., Shao, Y., Cousins, A., Kellogg, E., Brutnell, T (2016). The draft genome of the C3 panicoid grass species Dichanthelium oligosanthes.  Genome Biology 17(223).

Yang, F., Thanh Bui, H., Pautler, M., Llaca, V., Johnston, R., Ha Lee, B., Kolbe, A., Sakai, H., Jackson, D. (2015).  A Maize Glutaredoxin Gene, Abphyl2, Regulates Shoot Meristem Size and Phyllotaxy.  Plant Cell 27, 121-131.

Studer, A., Gandin, A., Kolbe, A., Wang, L., Cousins, A., Brutnell, T. (2014).  A Limited Role for Carbonic Anhydrase in C4 Photosynthesis as Revealed by a ca1ca2 Double Mutant in Maize.  Plant Physiology 165, 608-617.