Pillar 3: Societal Impacts and Potential Beyond Health & Conservation

Given the reach of CBI’s pursuit of knowledge, it should come as no surprise that its findings have broad implications beyond the realms of medicine and ecology. In fact,CBI’s research can already be applied across a spectrum of society’s concerns, particularly in the areas of bioethics, evolution, public health, forensics and criminal justice. In addition to its scientific expertise, CBI will take advantage of GW’s intellectual capital on legal, educational and public health issues—both inside and outside the university—to help explore the consequences of technological strides made in the field, as well as best practices regarding privacy, policymaking, and open access to data. With a full-field view, CBI will work to make technical topics more widely accessible to the general public and ultimately transform its findings into improved technologies, diagnostics, treatments, recommendations, practices and policies that will influence and improve our planet for years to come.