Pillar 1: Building a Robust Foundation to Advance Scientific Inquiry

With expansive, interdisciplinary research capabilities, CBI is developing foundational knowledge, models, databases and computational tools to explore questions that continue to beguile humanity. CBI contributions to the Tree of Life Project, for example, have helped gather together information that had previously been impossible to access, and established a single resource that categorizes all life on Earth based on shared evolutionary history. CBI is also developing new platforms and methods of analysis to help drive the field forward in areas such as single cell genome analysis and reconstruction of ancient genomes. Genomes with duplicated genes or sections that have been rearranged as one species evolves to another present modeling problems that are computationally difficult but biologically important. These analyses may also provide insight into underlying genetic changes that contribute to disease and aging. Scientists at CBI are developing new mathematical methods to help solve these problems as they emerge, aiding efforts to piece together the genetic relationships that bind various forms of life. Ultimately, the tools and knowledge created by CBI will serve as one of the nation’s most invaluable resources for discovery.