Perez-Losada Published in Parasites and Vectors

January 30, 2018

Assistant Professor Marcos Perez-Losada co-authored an article published in Parasites and Vectors on January 25th, 2018. The article, titled "Phylogenetic analysis of apicomplexan parasites infecting commercially valuable species from the North-East Atlantic reveals high levels of diversity and insights into the evolution of the group," deals with the apicomplexa, organisms from aquatic environments which are understudied relative to their terrestrial counterparts. The seminal work assessing the phylogenetic relations of fish-infecting lineages is mostly based on freshwater hosts. The taxonomic uncertainty of some apicomplexan groups, such as the coccidia, is high and many genera were recently shown to be paraphyletic, questioning the value of strict morphological and ecological traits for parasite classification. For this article, the authors surveyed the genetic diversity of the Apicomplexa in several commercially valuable vertebrates from the North-East Atlantic, including farmed fish.