Jeremy Goecks

Jeremy Goecks

Assistant Professor of Computational Biology
Faculty: Full-Time
Address: Innovation Hall
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Platforms for High-throughput Genomic Analysis, Cancer Genomics, Scientific and Information Visualization, Interactive High Performance Computing.

  • 2013-Present: Assistant Professor, Computational Biology Institute, George Washington University
  • 2009-2013: Postdoctoral Researcher, Departments of Biology and Math & Computer Science, Emory University

Current Research

Please see Dr. Goecks' lab Website ( for a complete description of his research.

My research agenda centers on two complementary areas: computational platforms for high-throughput genomic analysis and cancer genomics.

With the widespread adoption of high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies in biomedical research, there is an increasing need for computational platforms that simplify and provide broad access to multi-step, compute-intensive analyses of genomic data. To address this need, the Galaxy project ( has developed a Web-based platform for accessible, reproducible, and collaborative analysis of high-throughput genomics data, aptly named Galaxy ( I am a lead member of the Galaxy project, with a focus on Galaxy’s collaboration, visualization, and visual analysis features. A primary goal of this work is enabling visualization of very large genomic datasets on the Web. We are also developing visual analysis applications that combine visualization with analysis and workflows so that visual inspection can be used to guide and workflow usage.

I also lead the development of Galaxy-based workflows (pipelines) for personalized cancer treatment. Because cancer is a disease of the genome, genomic analyses have proven useful for understanding the disease state and suggest potential treatments. Galaxy pipelines for tumor analysis combine multiple genomic features (e.g. mutations, structural variations and rearrangements, gene expression levels) into a comprehensive genomic profile of a tumor. Next, the pipelines integrate publicly available data with private patient data to find promising drugs and similar laboratory models that can used for high-throughput screening. By virtue of integrating these pipelines into Galaxy, they provide standardized, reproducible, and understandable pipelines for clinical cancer genomic analyses.


Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009 (Computer Science)
B.S. University of Wisconsin, 2001 (Computer Science)


For a complete publication list, please visit Dr. Goecks' Google Scholar page.
Journal Articles

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Peer-reviewed Conference Papers with Proceedings
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Presidential Fellowship, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001-2006