Gisela Loretan

Fulbright Scholar
Address: Innovation Hall
45085 University Drive
Ashburn, Virginia
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

 I'm doing my PhD in phylogeography of the Aeglidae family (Anomura, Decapoda, Crustacea). I work in population genetics and evolution of these animals. I also carry out bioinformatics activities.


I am going to amplify fragments of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA from different Aegla species (a freshwater crab) by PCR. I will also amplify these specimens using microsatellite markers. After obtaining the genotypes and sequences, we will analyze the results with Dr. Crandall and Dr. Marcos Perez Losada.

Current Research

The name of my PhD research is: 'Estudios filogeográficos en cangrejos de agua dulce de la familia Aelidae' (Phylogeographic studies in freshwater crabs of the Aeglidae family). Currently, I am working with A. scamosa and A. affinis, two species that inhabit Argentinian Patagonia. I am working at 'Instituto de Limnologia del Litoral' (INALI) and in 'Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias of Universidad Nacional del Litoral' (FHUC-UNL) in Santa Fe, Argentina.


I am a Biologist (Licenciada en Biodiversidad) an I am doing a 'Biological Science PhD' (Doctorado en Ciencias Biologicas in Facultad de Bioquimica y Ciencias Biologicas -FBCB- of Universidad Nacional del Litoral -UNL-. Santa Fe, Argentina) 


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I received a scholarship from my country (Argentina) and Fulbright (US) to do a specialization here in the USA. I also have a doctoral scholarship from CONICET to do my PhD.