Avdeyev and Alekseyev Published in Evolutionary Bioinformatics

June 11, 2019

Pavel Avdeyev, a graduate research assistant with the Computational Biology Institute and PhD student in the Department of Mathematics, and DrĀ Max Alekseyev, a faculty member with the CBI and the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, co-authored an article published in Evolutionary Bioinformatics on June 6th, 2019, titled "Linearization of Median Genomes Under the Double-Cut-and-Join-Indel Model."

Reconstruction of the median genome consisting of linear chromosomes from three given genomes is known to be intractable. There exist efficient methods for solving a relaxed version of this problem, where the median genome is allowed to have circular chromosomes. The authors propose a method for construction of an approximate solution to the original problem from a solution to the relaxed problem and prove a bound on its approximation error. Their method also provides insights into the combinatorial structure of genome transformations with respect to appearance of circular chromosomes.