Alekseyev and Alexeev Published in Journal of Computational Biology

August 28, 2018

Dr. Max Alekseyev (Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computational Biology, faculty in Computational Biology Institute) and Dr. Nikita Alexeev (former postdoctoral scientist with Computational Biology Institute) published an article in the Journal of Computational Biology in August 2018, titled "Combinatorial scoring of phylogenetic trees and networks based on homoplasy-free characters." The article addresses the construction of phylogenetic trees and networks for extant species from their characters as representing one of the key problems in phylogenomics. While solutions to this problem are not always uniquely defined, and there exist multiple methods for tree/network construction, it becomes important to measure how well the constructed networks capture the given character relationships across species. The article proposes a novel method for measuring the specificity of a given phylogenetic network in terms of the total number of distributions of homoplasy-free character states at the leaves that the network may impose.